A busy week

I have some great photos to share with all of you from the last few days. We adopted out another one of the puppies this week, but still have 3 left. 2 of the available puppies are below, they are doing well with their crate training and obedience commands and love to go swimming.

Nestor and Beau trying to stay cool in the hot sun. This week the misting area had a waiting line to get in. They had to make reservations, and of course the dogs from NYC  demanded the best spot.

Romy works on one of the puppies heeling technique while Leon does awesome downstay. Leon is doing well with his commands. He is a little nervous and is getting over that as we work on all of his obedience work with him.

This is a great view of the pool, it starts out at 3 inches at the right side and slopes down to 7 feet on the left side. The dogs love jumping in and swimming. One of the nice benefits of having your dog do a board and train at SK9T.

Clover goes over to help Romy with her Heeling technique.

I am pretty sure that is Leon in a downstay while Clover tries to distract him. Kassie is in the background with another dog. A lot of our training works dog against dog as far as commands go. We put one dog in one command and then walk another dog past, it helps the dogs focus on what is expected of them.

We work dogs inside as well as outside, Belle is in a downstay in our foyer while Clover and Romy and 2 of their friends play ring around the rosy, really loud with lots of jumping around...and Belle did not move an inch.

Dogs love to train with us. They all line up so they can be next to work with one of my trainers.