Pre-Independence Day

Having fireworks legal in the state of RI was not a good idea. In my neighborhood, every single kid in every single house is blowing them off...all night is very difficult for some of the dogs on the property. I have to go check on them every few hours throughout the night to make sure none of them have hurt themselves.

Checking up on one of my board and train clients that lives in Brookline, MA . Decklyn in a perfect downstay, while Uma just hangs out.

Chiko who is down from Canada is doing well....he his increasing his trust in humans daily and has started to do incredibly well.

Leon in a downstay...Leon has been with us for less than a week and has gone from a very nervous dog with not alot of obedience. To a very nervous dog with good obedience commands...LOL...actually Leon enjoys his training, is starting to exhibit some very strong dog/dog skills

Belle in Place and Chiko in a downstay..why are we so successfull with our training program..I have 6 assistant trainers and 7 days a week we work on these basic commands, over and over again...

I think Romy's shirt says it all, Romy helps me out with Beau. He is in our family room while I am getting some work done on the computer.

One guess what song was playing on the radio......

Vogue by Madonna

Sadie and Hemingway cool off during swim time

Clover and Romy have started using water wings with kickboards to start learning how to swim. They have no fear going out into the pool with lots of dogs...

I love the fact that Romy who is 3 feels so confident next to Hemingway who is a dog that is over 100lbs..I am so proud of both of them at how they handle themselves around the dogs..It will help all of these dogs when they return to their homes how to behave around children, which will make it safer for everyone.

Clover works her way around the pool, the kids spend so much time swimming in the pool, I have little athletes on my hands..they are highly active kids.