Happy Independence Day

All the dogs made it through the night without any incidents, the local kids were blowing off fireworks all night long. Today was an easy day on the dogs. Staff had the day off, all of the dogs had nice morning walks and then spent the day playing in the yard or the pool.

This is one of my pack walks....8 dogs and we did 3.5 miles...2 times today...yes even with a 4 month old and a 7 month old chihuahuas.

Remy and Shirley hanging out in the play yard. Remy is up for adoption and gets along great with other dogs, kids and everyone that he has come in contact with.

Bernard who is boarding for the holiday weekend hangs out with Remy...oh yeah...he is up for adoption. ONe of the benefits of being one of my clients is that if you need to just board your dog, I offer this service to my clients only.

Max and Bianca hanging out with Clover and Romy...they spend over 3 hours a day in the pool swimming with the dogs.

save this photo...you will not see a dog on my lap ever again most likely....this is Missy, a dog deemed unadoptable...she was featured in The Westerly Sun as a dog from The Charlestown Shelter that was not adoptable...I have been working with her for a few weeks. she is doing great and could use a forever home. This is a dog that you could not even pet or put a leash on or go near without getting bitten...

what do you do after a long day of swimming and play