100 plus degrees out

What an incredibly hot day outside it was today. When it gets this hot out we always have to be so careful with the dogs. All walks were done by 10am and we did not do any long walks after that. We spent the rest of the day with the dogs training and swimming. The kennels are nicely air conditioned and the pool is a huge relief for all of us. Some of the dogs spend hours of the day swimming. Our play yard has a large misting area and that with a combination of a good amount of shade can lower the air temp significantly.

When walking the Blvd with 7 dogs there can be a good amount of cleaning up of poop, after one rather large poop stop I put the dogs into a sit/stay walked over 100 feet to a trash can, through out the poop, snapped this picture and went back to the pack. This is with lots of cars driving by them. All it takes is one dog to break command to mess up the pack so it is very important that the whole pack listens to me.

I wonder what it is like sharing a swimming pool with so many dogs as a kid. I do know that for the dogs it is great training. Most of these dogs are going to be going home to a family setting and will need to always be around children, not just the families but friends of the families. My training teaches dogs how to live harmoniously in our world and everything that goes with it.

After spending hours in the pool the kids dry off in the sun. Kendall comes over to check things out. She is one of my rescue dogs that has come such a long way. She is such a good player with all of the client dogs that come onto the property.

Belle and Beau working on downstays under the sunporch, there is 2 large ceiling fans and one large floor fan that run 24/7. This along with  lots of shade and then frequent trips into the pool make the training bearable. We are a working kennel so we train dogs in all weather. We never worry about if it is 100 degrees out or 5 degrees out. We do the same thing every day and all day. I have such an awesome staff that makes it all happen.

Hemingway who is from NYC and Kishmish who is from SF work on downstays. They both go home next week.

Stephanie and Remy swim together. Remy is such an incredible swimmer and he is up for adoption. He can spend hours in the pool each day.

There is so many photos of Remy flying through the air and diving into the pool. I have had so many little pit bulls on my property that all love to swim just like Remy does.

Hemingway and Beau enjoy the pool together. One of the great things about dogs swimming is that it teaches them one more way to play together. We have a lot of dogs that come to us that need help with dog/dog interaction and swimming is a great mediator

Romy helps me give Belle words of encouragement as I teach her how to swim. We always start dogs on a leash in the pool so we can make sure they understand how to get out of the pool by the beach entrance. This gives the dogs so much confidence to go into the pool when they understand how to get out safely.

Fabian and Kaiser share the love..all 3lbs of them. These are Linda's dogs and they play outside with the big dogs. Though they have there own area. Mostly for security so they don't sneak out of the yard since they are so small they can go out the little mice holes along the property line.

Kaiser loves to swim in the pool, he wears a little flotation jacket, but loves to swim around..using his tail like a little rudder.

Chiko who is down from Canada and Belle working on downstays while Big Mama is in the background relaxing. Big Mamma is up for adoption and is an incredible dog. She lives with my pack spending 24/7 with them eating/sleeping/training and playing and is a wonderful dog and would make a great addition to any family. She is great with kids and other dogs.

Not even dinner time and Max is out for the count. All of the dogs work hard, play hard but also get to rest during the day.