Spiritual Testimonial

Where the soul feels safe… one human, one canine


I was asked to share my story about an incredibily beautiful dog with magical eyes, and a spirit that took my breath away, who I fell in love with. She was also defiant, aloof ,unworkable, unwalkable and seemed to be waiting for her soul to appear. Chloe, our Siberian husky, rocked our world in July of 2008. She was 9 months old and had been given back to her breeder by her 1st owner. We had been searching through the internet and telling family members that we were looking for a husky, and my brother-in-law knew about one that needed a family. Within an hour of visiting her breeder, we took her home. At the time, my daughter Kayla had fallen into a dark abyss, once again her path lost and her soul broken.he was diagnosed with clinical depression.  Chloe honored her job watching over her new family member, and it seemed both human and canine began to heal. But when within the next 10 months Kayla was well enough to move on, Chloe was left confused and lonely and without a job. Chloe and I both needed help. In June 2010 we met Jeff Gellman, owner and founder of solid k9 training for dogs. Jeff is a ‘no shenanigans’ kind of trainer.  With his robust personality and deep love for his work, I knew that we had a winner! Jeff recommended two weeks of structured boot camp training, and Chloe rose to the challenge. When Chloe returned, Jeff spent an additional 3 hours at our home teaching me and Melissa, our new dog sitter, how to communicate commands confidently and consistently, and how to establish clear safe limits where trust could be present.  It was a success--mission accomplished! Jeff's parting comment to me was, “You are now the new pack leader.”  For me one of the gifts of Chloe‘s training has been hanging out with a happy dog who has confidence, who has a purpose and most importantly a job. With a clear new language with which to communicate, Jeff's solid k9 training has created a true circle of trust between me and Chloe.

Leah and Chloe