From Russia with Love

While the US and Russia where swapping spies my crew was working on training dogs and lots of training we did. The heat did not stop us..all of the dogs spent time in the pool, some more than others. I have some dogs never want to come out of the pool and others that would rather get castrated (again) than dip a paw into the pool.

Clover and I swim with the is the closest thing in RI that we have to swimming with the dolphins

Emma who came in yesterday has never been swimming  and today she learned.I think she is going to be a swimming addict after her 2 week board and train.

Clover explains to Otis (who came in yesterday along with Emma) the benefits of a good swimming program. As a large breed dog it is improtant that he start swimming

We always put a leash on the dogs when we are training them to swim. It is time to take off Emma's leash and Clover wants to do it..

With the true confidence of a pack leader...Clover gets the job done

Otis who also learned to swim today is only 8 months old and should be over 150lbs when he is fully grown.

Romy relaxes after a long day of dog training. We will start deflating the water wings a little bit each week as her swimming skills get stronger and stronger.

Romy who starts ballet on monday, shows off her new ballet outfit and helps with distraction training with Leon. Leon has that "if I wanted to see tinkerbell I would have gone to Disney World" look on his face

Heidi uses Jake as a nice distraction with Leon in a rock solid downstay. Leon has come a long way in the 2 weeks since he was with us.

Andrea works the 3 remaining puppies for a walk..yes..12 week old dogs can walk on a leash in a proper heal.

they also do the default sit when coming to a stop. It is so important to put this structure into a young dogs life, so they understand how to live in a strong human pack. These dogs are up for adoption, if you are interested you can give me a call or an email.

Jake and Leon in downstays

Jake loves to jump into the misting area to keep cool...