World Cup Mania!!!

While the world was watching Spain beat the Netherlands for the World Cup, we were training dogs from sunup to sundown. All of the dogs are doing great, the shy ones are coming out of their shells, the aggressive ones have stopped biting, the untrained ones are getting trained and everyone is having a great time.

John takes a "get out of the downpour" break with some of the dogs. We got slammed with an intense downpour yesterday we can still work the dogs though. Rain or shine dogs get training at my board and train program.

Though Kassie keeps working the dogs outside with a new dog that just arrived. Nothing like showing the new recruits how we do things.

Emma and Otto working on downstays...and how incredible are we that after only 24 hours we were able to get Otto to drool on command.

Max spends his downtime just hanging out. He has only been with us for only 1 day and is a little overwhelmed by all of the activity

not only does she cook, clean and pump out some great looking kids but she also promotes the company like a superstar

After spending the day swimming with dogs, Romy and Clover can't be happier

We have 2 puppies left in the litter and they have already become great greeters for the new dogs that arrive. 12 weeks old and they have great social skills.