PVD-LI-PVD-SF of course its already Wednsday

What a whirlwind travel day it has already been this week. On Monday after meeting with my new sales staff at WXLM 103.7 in New London/Montauk I jumped on the ferry and brought home Hemingway and Shirley. Getting home monday night and finishing work at around midnight, I took a quick 4 hour nap and then headed to the airport with Kishmish and Uma.  I was bringing Kishmish back to his owners in San Francisco California.

One of Hemingways last days at the kennel enjoying the pool.

Shirley loved hanging out with dogs in the play yard all day.

Where's Uma?  look for the bright orange throw toy and you will see Uma playing in LI sound as we wait to take the ferry pack to New London.

Uma hangs out on the upper deck of the ferry as we head back to Long Island, Hemingway and Shirley were happy to be back home with their owner.

Once I arrived in SF California I had a quick 30 hours to work with Kismishes family role playing all of the situations that Kishmish used to behave badly and show them how he is supposed to behave. The most important part of his training will be the training of the humans .
First I was treated to a wonderful meal after a long flight. The owners parents were in from India and it was a joy spending time with all of them.

while walking in a local park e came across a wonderful rose garden, and the proper thing for Kishmish to do is a downstay. Kishmish did great waiting while his owners were ready to move on.

one of kishmish's big triggers were at the local skate park, he would go nuts whenever a skateboard was around.
So we went directly into the skate park and put Kishmish in a downstay and had lots of skaters go by him....no problems

this is a wonderful skatepark that dozens of kids were enjoying..lots of distractions for Kishmish and he did great

after all of that training we decided to go to an outdoor cafe in Redwood City and of course Kishmish goes into a downstay to keep out of the way and mind his own business while his  owners eat.

then back to Kishmish's house for a quick nap..Uma who went out with me to help with his training takes a nap outside

Kishmish relaxes on his sun deck getting ready for the rest of his afternoon training.

I will post up more of the short trip to California on my next blog entry. I  am able to travel the country training dogs because of my incredible kennel staff. I have a staff of 7 that works at the board and train kennel that keeps things going 24/7 while I am gone.