Does Mel Gibson have a dog?

Great new dogs have come into our kennel this week and we are having so much fun with them.

Emily came to us a very nervous dog, but with good obedience skills. Becoming part of my pack for 2 weeks will be so therapeutic and helpful for her overall psyche.

Who wants to go on a walk next?

Maverick who came in yesterday is a Besenji with severe seperation anxiety. Bianca is winding down her stay with me after 3 weeks.

Emily, Chiko and Berger love to train,

One of the puppies loves to play with the kids in the pool...she has so much confidence at such a young age

Harley, who came to me today is over 100lb and has quite the mean streak. It should be quite interesting few weeks with him.

keeping his leash on in case we need to grab him quick if there is a dog/dog issue

Harley making friends with the puppy and also Chiko, the puppy shown is the last one that we have to adopt out.

Day one and look who is swimming. Swimming it going to be a big part of Harley's training and rehab.

Emma and Otis love to play with the puppy, the puppy is very socialized