Will The BP cap hold?

Sunday's are always a combination of busy and relaxed as the dogs can take a partial break from the intense training that goes on each day. The dogs still swim, walk, and play.

Romy loves to swim with the dogs and the dogs love swimming with her.

Decklyn came over for some swim time with Obi who just came in today for a nice 2 week stay.

Clover comes out of the pool after swimming with the dogs.

After a hard day of swimming and training dogs it is important that she gets recharged

Remy who is up for adoption and the last puppy that we have for adoption. this is a well socialized and well behaved puppy.

Emily works on her commands next to the pool, she needs to increase her confidence and with the training that we are doing with her.

Emiily doing a sit/stay with high levels of distractions

Heidi does some yard maintenance with a little help from the kids..