BP has seepage

Did it rain by you today? we had quite the rain/thunder storm. A little flash flooding and all of the dogs enjoyed the cooling rain. We are making such nice progress with some really aggressive dogs. The best thing about working with aggressive dogs is making it through the first 48 hours alive, and then after that it is all good.

Harley who would love to take a bite out of anything that remotely taste like human flesh when he first came in. is LOVING the training, has been engaging other dogs in play and is doing really well.

Though cutting his nails which looks like have not been done since Harley was invitro, we decided to muzzle him just to make sure we he did not want to play cowboys and indians and scalp us.

Chiko who is down from Canada and with us for a 6 week board and train, goes through his commands with Clover, as I tell people, my 5 year old can walk your highly aggressive dog with my training methods. Which are best on pack leader training and techniques.

and Romy who is 3 can run Chiko through his paces and heel a dog without pulling. and to all of you other trainers that tell people that the only reason that dogs listen to me is because we are rough with them. try telling that to my 3 year old.

somebody things Clover is the pack leader, 3 weeks ago would have had her face ripped off by this dog, no joke