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One of the most exciting things that I do is work with a dog that 99.9% of the dog trainers after seeing a dog would insist that the dog be put down, because of aggression. What they are admitting to is that they actually suck as a trainer and they don't have the skills or the courage to actually work with. The more and more trainers that insist on using the clicker/food training which is pretty much a springboard to agility work and does not have much to do with the REAL WORLD, the more and more untrained dogs that we will have in homes and in shelters.

this is Harley before I started working with him.

This is Harley after less than a week at my board and train facility. He is doing great and in the next 48 my kids will start working with him. So if you have a dog that has aggression issues I have the experience, the training and the balls to work with your dog in a way that your dog will understand and is extremely primal and gentle with your dog. No one in the area does the work my staff and I do.

Uma helps out with Polar who is only 12 weeks old, Uma helps with the socialization of young puppies.

Today I had one of my youngest clients an 8 week old GSD, I went to the clients house to make sure the dog/dog play was going well, the had the food program correct, the crate training and household mgmt correct and they start off on the correct foot

Maverick doing a downstay inside the kennel while cleaning gets done. We always put dogs in downstays or place while we clean, simulates what would be happening at their home, thats assuming that they clean

Max, Emma and Otis are a little tired after a hard days work.

Emily and Gillary work on downstays together. Gillary came to us with some dog/dog issues and we are working on them.

my morning 8 pack...yes....6 dogs and then the 2 chihuahua's count as dogs and they walked the 3.5 miles in less than an hour with the rest of the other dogs.