Harley heads to the East Side

We are having so much fun with Harley. This is a dog that had so many issues that were quite dangerous to be around him. We are making so much progress.

Harley works on his down/stay on the property prior to going out into the real world with lots of distractions

Harley and Maverick work on downstays

into Wayland Square, with lots of distractions Harley works on his downstay, this is so important that we proof his commands in REAL WORLD situations so the dogs understand what is expected of them.

Harley is asking nicely if he can spend a couple of more weeks with me since he is learning so much and becoming a better dog because of it. At this point in Harleys training I can do anything with him I want to. I can go into his kennel, put my hands anywhere on his body, look at this teeth, clean his ears, cut his nails, stick my hands in his mouth.

During down time the dogs love getting a quick bit of affection. Yes I give the dogs about  5 minutes of affection every 24 hours..I know....I know...that is way to much...I am getting soft

Gillary who has lots of different issues is doing really well, he is taking a nice little rest outside in the misting area