Comic Con begins

One of the great things about my board and train  program is the pack training that I do. The only way to socialize a dog wether it is dog aggressive or dog shy is with a pack of dogs. Pack training has to be done off leash, this is the only way to get it done. I have seen other trainers, mostly at animal shelters that take 2 dogs and have them on leashes and have humans holding them and having the dogs interact to see if they get along. That is one of the stupidest things you can do with 2 dogs. They most likely will fight, I am not sure why people  don't put 2 dogs in an enclosed area and act like a pack leader and send out "don't fight on my watch" energy and see what happens.

Gillary with his butt to the camera is just figuring out what dog play is. the other dogs are running around playing and he is not sure what to do. He does not understand what to do with the energy that he has as a response to the energy that is coming from the other 4 dogs playing. So, I observe him for about 1 hour and let him no when he is not behaving properly, he gets it and starts playing with the dogs at the end of the hour.

these dogs have no problem playing and playing

Otis and Emma go home Friday and have had an incredible 2 weeks of work and play.

Stephanie helps out Harley in the pool area. He has taken to the water in a big way.

last night I took 8 dogs on a nice 3.5 miler end of the day training walk...what a great time we have.