Wiki Leaks is scary

Lots of great things happening at the board and train facility. Dog are doing so well and staying cool by swimming in the pool and under the misting area of the play yard. Unlike most facilities our pool is a real gunite in ground pool not a kiddie pool. Dogs learn to swim and socialize in a high energy pool area.

Clover plays with dogs in the pool, all of the dogs learn to behave properly when kids are around.

Romy strengthens her swimming technique by pooling around Clover on her kickboard...yep she is only 3 years old and has a great fitness regiment

Jonathan does some intense distraction with Emily in a downstay

Dallas a 10 wk old GSD learns the place command in about 30 minutes with my training techniques..with 5 human kids in the family it is so important that this soon to be large dog learns some incredible household mgmt skills

Chiko and Harley in a sit/stay in Wayland square with lots of distractions. Both dogs have HUGE human biting issues and did great with all of the human distractions

Obi greats the newest dog on the property Luna is a silver lab and at 7 months old will be with us for a 6 week intensive board and train program

Otis a 7 month old French Mastiff helps out with a 12 week old dog in doing a great downstay...