Face Transplant a success

Not only was the first Face Transplant a huge success as reported in the news today, and not quite as big for modern science but big for our family was the trip that Romy made to the toilet today...a very successful #1 and #2. So not only does Romy who is 3 years old train dogs but she is doing it sans diaper.

Last dash to the potty before ballet class..the girl has timing

Dante the American Eskimo came in today is getting along just fine with all of the dogs on campus.

So Harley went on a pack walk tonight and big bad Harley was out of breath halfway through, we had to pull over and take a break for Harley. the other 7 dogs were like WTF, they made fun of him the rest of the way back to the van, called him fatty, slopoke, telling him he looked more like a cow than a dog...I have never heard such teasing, dogs can be so cruel to each other.

As soon as we got back to the kennel, I put a note on Harley's kennel to cut his food per day and up his treadmill and swimming work. The boy has been with us for 1 week and we need to get him into shape.

Missy, who is up for adoption, is a great greater of new dogs, and Luna is a great player.

My pack patiently waits while Harley gets ready to continue our walk.