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It has been a few days since I last posted, time to get lots of photos up,

Luna in a downstay, Luna is a silver lab puppy who is with us for an intensive 6 week board and train and loves to learn.

Luna in a downstay with high levels of distractions, lots of dogs all around. Harley has totally transformed and is going home tomorrow. It should be interesting to see how his training transfers to his owners.

On the outdoor dog couch, the dogs are allowed on since my personal pack lives outside with 24 access to a indoor room either with a/c or heat depending on the season. The couch is under a 12 X 40 foot sunporch  and are protected from the elements. Since I work most of my dogs they are more than happy to relax whenever they are home. Missy, who is up for adoption and will be at the Charlestown Shelter open house this weekend. She is ready to go to a home. She is a great dog, loves being around people and dogs, does not bite or nip any more. Listens to all of her commands, and to the dog trainer who wrote into the Westerly Sun talking trash about me after a wonderful article was written about me and the great job I was doing for Missy, well you can GO FUCK YOURSELF!! How dare you criticize me for saving the life of this dog.

Not quite sure what command Jon is working on with Obi, but it seems to be going quite well.

Clover and Romy swim while Stephanie does a little poop patrol in the pool area

Dante who is with us for a little behavioral issue of biting kids on the face, stays in a downstay while Romy runs by.

Romy and Clover run around Maverick in circles and are great distractions to him.

Uma and Bella run around Dante, who is in a downstay, we just got a new delivery of pool toys and the dogs put them into great use.

A shipment of 40 or so of flotable tuff toys just came in today. These should last till the end of the summer hopefully.

Leon and Chiko have a great time in the play yard.

Chiko gets under a bush to stay cool from the summer sun.

Harley and Dante take a break from a very busy training day.

Dante goes for a nice swim. we always keep a leash on the dogs when they are learning to swim so we can drag them to the shallow end if we need to.