Chiko is the Man

One of many things that make me unique in the world of dog training is that I take on dogs that NO ONE can handle. One of the many success stories that I have is Chiko, who came down from Ottawa Canada 5 weeks ago and is going back home next week.

This is a typical case that I deal with on a daily basis. Not only did we get rid of the negative issues that my client requested, we accomplished 100% of the goals and then some, Chiko has unleashed his true spirit and he is a social and friendly dog with humans and dogs. He is a dog that I would feel comfortable taking anywhere.

Today we did some busy street training, dozens of people walking by, hundreds of cars, trucks and buses and Chiko did not break his downstay 1 time.

another rock solid downstay in a local bookstore, kids running around lots of activity. Not a peep out of him. He is such a good dog to be out in public. His owners where never able to even walk him down the street without him lunging.