Gellman's Shore

I have been on Facebook for a while, but I just made a new page for Solid K9 Training. I would like everyone to join that page. You can go to.Solid K9 Training Facebook Page and choose to LIKE the page.

Marlo is jumping at the chance to play in the play yard

Clover and Romy dry off in the sun along with Luna

Roca wants to be like one of the kids and dries off on the warm stones.

All of these dogs have had aggression issues in the past, all of them have learned to live in a dog pack with dogs and humans.

Dante does grooming table and vet table training

Dante does treadmill training and loves the work. Dante is doing well after just a few days with us.

Clover runs around Shong Shing and as always does the best distractions training.

Chiko who came to me an aggressive & angry dog down from Canada, is going home next week has been transformed and loves being with us.