Ladies First

Romy and Clover love playing in the dogs play yard. Not only do dogs learn how to properly play with each other but they also learn proper dog/kid skills and the kids are the teachers.

Romy is quite upset at the behavior that this dog is exhibiting.

Romy tries to explain that it is really rude to go before a lady

seems like Romy effectively communicated with Mocha as to who is the pack leader, she made it to the top of the climbing tower

Shong Shing enjoys swimming and will be a great swimmer by the time he is done with his board and train program

Dante, was sent to us because he has this annoying habit of biting childrens faces. Of course he is working on his downstay with Clover and Romy as distractions. It is important that dogs do not react to the surrounding chaos. So Clover and Romy run around Dante in order for him to not be reactive