Facebook Fever

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Jonathan plays with kids in the pool and trains dogs at the same time. Both dogs and kids love having Jonathan around.

WTF the packaging said it floats, both dogs are figuring out how to get a refund on this one.

Shong Shing is doing a great job swimming, we are all so proud of him. He is coming out of his shell and doing great.

I went to Harleys today to check up on training, if you recall he came to me an extremely aggressive dog and he has returned to his home after 2 weeks a lovable well trained dog that can run off leash on the beach and be a dog

8 dogs on a typical 3.5 mile end of the day walk. and that is with just one arm. Pack leader training at its finest.

Gillary  went home today and I am giving his owner some training instructions

During free time, dogs love to hang out in the play yard and rest and play.  Remy is the white dog on the left and is up for adoption

Bernard takes it all in, he often just will hang out and observe all of the dogs.

Harley loves being a trained dog.