7 dogs die on American Airlines

Follow the story of the 7 dogs killed on American Airlines by clicking HERE .

As upsetting as this is lets keep in mind that over 15,000 dogs are killed every day in our local animal shelters, and this is not an accident. It is a premeditated slaughter of adoptable animals that would be able to get placed in homes if our local animal shelters had a real program to effectively place the dogs. If the Directors of the shelters would stop using the temperment test that they currently used and is flawed and encourages shelters to kill dogs.

Luna and Mocha play in the pool, Luna is a board and train dog with us for 6 weeks of intensive training. Mocha is a board and play client. I don't know of any other boarding facility on the East Coast that has an inground swimming pool that the dogs can play in all day.

Clover and Romy spend hours a day swimming in the pool. The dogs love having them around and the girls build up such great confidence as well.

Hanging out in the pool area watching the bricks grow.

I bring some of my pack to Tiverton to work with Lilly on her off leash recall at the beach.

Rocco the dalmation who is spending the day with us since he has a decent dog/dog aggression issue and needs to be exposed to lots of dogs in an off leashed scene.

Rocco did a great, having an aggressive dog on the property off leash is quite risky , but it has to be done this way. dogs off leash so that Rocco can learn to properly great dogs, and be corrected for not doing the right thing.

I use Uma for my soicalization dog for young puppies, this is a 10 week old GSD who at the start of the hour was running away screaming from UMA and all she was doing was chasing a ball. within about 15 minutes the puppy was comfortable enough to approach UMA and go nose to nose with her and say hello.

If you look under the swing set you can see the puppy, this is how close that he would get to UMA.