Help wanted for a wonderful rescue

One of my facebook friends runs a rescue and is in the running for a $5,000.00 award from Pepsi and they do wonderful hands on work.

Click on this LINK to go to the webpage and vote from them.

I am not sure why but Romy wore her flannel PJ's today, it was funny to see since she usually is dressed to get dirty.

Dante is going home tomorrow, Dante came to us since there was this annoying habit of biting kids on the face..I think we got over this problem.

Dante in the PLACE command, Dante loves to work with us on all of the commands.

Clover rides Stephanie around the pool as dogs swim around.

Shong Shing working on his Downstay along with Dante

Jake loves swimming in the pool, it is a great way for him to release some of his energy that he has. No matter how far and long we walk him , he loves to hang out in the swimming pool.

Remy is happiest in the water, he is up for adoption and is great with dogs and people.

tonights 3.5 mile walk consisted of 9 dogs, we have such a great time

11 dogs working on distraction training on Blackstone Blvd in Providence, there is lots of dogs running around, joggers, walkers, frisbees, tons of cars and trucks..