Testimonial in a Swimsuit

another great testimonial came in today


As an international swimsuit model, I spend a lot of my time on location away from my home in NYC.  It has often been challenging finding care for my animals while i am away shooting. Until i found Jeff Gellman.

 We discovered Jeff through a neighbor in New York. He had his van parked on the street and we were intrigued as he loaded dogs into it to be transported to his home in Rhode island.

We spoke to him briefly on the street about a few issues we were having with our Irish wolfhound Hemingway and he was so open and giving with his knowledge, advising us on possible causes and courses of action we might take.  I was to find out that this is one of Jeff’s great traits. His generosity. We even called him a few times and he was always available to lend an ear and talk us through ideas.

We sent Hemi to Jeff for 2 weeks.  When he returned he was transformed!  Hemingway looked at us listening, attentive to our instructions.  It made such a difference to be able to walk down the street, and if we bumped into to someone we knew, to simply ask him to sit down (where once he would be tugging this way and that and the duration of our conversation would be determined by our tolerance and arm strength!).  Now he sits by our side easily, awaiting the next command.

 Jeff spent time with me teaching Hemi's new skills and coaching me on assertiveness... very important when dealing with an 118 pound Wolfhound!  I enjoyed spending time with him and we had plenty of laughs too. Jeff is very easy to work with and has a no-nonsense attitude that encourages you to be lovingly firm with your dog.

 I now travel knowing that Hemi is safe in a loving environment.

It is also so convenient to have Jeff personally drive down to pick him up and drop him off. This part of the service is invaluable to busy New Yorkers with hectic schedules. It is fantastic for the dogs to get away from an urban concrete environment and be free to play in a backyard with many other dogs. I know how important it is for Hemi's personal growth to socialize with other dogs. It is truly like Doggy Summer Camp at Jeffs property. 

 And if you get to missing your dogs like I do, Jeff is wonderful at posting daily pictures of each dog with their new found friends.  I appreciate his attentiveness to this as it curbs the heart pangs of missing Hemi while i am away working.

 Jeff truly cares. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious. He makes it his personal endeavor to change your dog and, perhaps more importantly, the way you interact with your dog. His philosophy is that of encouraging a loving, firm and pro-active relationship between you and your dog. 

 Hemi is always returned to us happy, healthy and more attentive. 


Thank You Jeff!