Ocean work is fun

Its picture day....lots of pictures from the last few days....I am heading to Canada in the morning for a quick 36 hours to deliver Chiko who is at the end of his 6 week board and train..He came to me with INTENSIVE aggression issues with both dogs and people. As of today, he plays with me kids, my trainers, strangers that come onto the property and all of the dogs on the property. He swims like a champion listens to all of his commands and smiles 24/7.

Romy and Chiko play fetch in the play yard. Chiko loves to play with the kids. Romy has to stand on top of the chair in order to any sort of distance with the rubber barbell that is one of Chiko's favorite toys

that is a 12lb bowling ball with that has been turned into a dog toy...builds up strength in the dogs necks and jaws

Do you all remember Harley? On my follow up visit today we worked on off leash work at a beach with Max and Uma. I started my day today in the ocean with Harley.

my last client was at night back in the ocean with a loch ness husky named Inga, oh yeah she is only 10 months old and is fully off leash trained. How about that for Solid K9 Training.

late night walk on the beach is a nice way to end the training day with dogs..

Sadie just came in for a 2 week board and train, She is a current rescue who has a new home and has come to us for a nice little training program.

Bernard is doing great with all of the distractions that Clover and Romy can pass out. They are both great at distracting dogs. Using little twigs to get Bernard to break his downstay and he does not. They spent 10 minutes working him and he did not budge. This is huge since he lives with 2 children under 3 years old and needs to be bombproof against little kids

Mocha, Zoey and Dante take a break from training.

Play is such an important part of my training system.