Back from Canada

I left yesterday morning at 6am to head up to my client in Ottawa Canada to bring back Chiko, I went through the Adirondack Mountains. What a beautiful part of this country, it is by the Olympic training area which means lots of athletic ladies running and biking all over the place. I am meeting with a realtor so look at log cabins next week.

I am pretty sure this is a ski lift. How do I know this...I looked for a menu at the bottom and did not find one, so it is not a restaurant in the sky.

At the Canadian Border, Customs decided to have my van searched. another great thing about having trained dogs is that they can do a rock solid downstay while my van is searched.

Chiko does a downstay back in Ottawa while his family plays toss with a ball. I also brought Max and Uma with me to help out with training.

Place command during mealtime is a new concept for Chiko, which will help eliminate and prevent most of his prior bad behaviors.

Aaron who is only 10 can walk Chiko down the street with lots of human and dog distractions

Might as well work on the other family dog while I am there, Apple is not good with other dogs and is very I gave the family a quick lesson and within 5 minutes things got better.