Snooki Who?

The radio show is going well in CT and I have been getting lots of emails from the CT and Long Island area which means that my new syndicated station 104.7 in New London is getting the listeners I was planning on getting.

Sadie is in the PLACE command while all of the other dogs are doing what they want. It is important that dogs learn the commands in the commotion of life. So this is a great example where Sadie has to be in a command while the other dogs do not and she has to listen.

Luca came into the kennel yesterday for a 2 week board and train and was in dire need of a nail clipping. Knowing that he has the tendency to bite . I made a quick leash muzzle while Jonathan cut his nails.

I'm showing Rossy, who just started working for me, how to work one of the dogs.

Rossy teaches Betty Boop how to swim as Clover offers moral support.

Betty Boop and Luna relax after a hard day of training.

Luna stays in a rock solid Down Stay while Romy and Clover swing over him.

Romy takes a little rest from swimming and dog training.