Dog chews off owners Toe

Great story, click on TOE to go to the video.

Romy at the breakfast table waiting for her morning oatmeal then off to train dogs...

Jake does a great downstay while Clover and Romy run around as distractions.

Tonights pack walk was awesome, every time I go for a pack walk, which is daily, I keep thinking about all of the dog trainers that cannot even walk there own dogs down the street, and I know alot of them. Remember Jeff's Mantra number 43, "if you don't walk your dog, you don't train your dog"

Sadie and Luna play in the play yard together....

Cali who is in from Virginia doing a great downstay

Luca, Luna and Remy all wondering if that crab apple has a worm in it. We always pick up the apples that fall from the tree and throw them out. I habit I have ever since watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarves..