Denver or Bust

Just booked my tickets for BlogPaws out in Denver. I will be going to make some great connections to help me move my goal of a no kill state with the help of learning the social media skills that I need. I will be surrounded by 100's of bloggers and every single one can put a sentence together better than me. I will be doing some incredible networking with folks that understand the power of the internet through change with social media. Ironcially Denver has a breed ban on pit bulls and I will be teaming up with folks who are trying to change this.

Keep in mind at Solid K9 Training we put our money and time where our mouth is. RI kills 3000 dogs a year and our country kills over 5 million dogs a year and we can stop this TODAY.

Luna, Remy and Jake on the prowl for some dog toys.....

Jake catches some air

Cali has great form with this jump, incredible how the dogs can spend hours in the pool.

Luna and Cali doing a downstay on the stoop

Play Bow, Downward Dog or Dancing decide...Luca is having a great time with us.

Max and Uma looking for lost treasure on the rocks of Little Compton

Luca in Place in my office

Cali and Sadie in a downstay outside of is going well with both of them and Starbucks is a great distraction for dogs