Are your eggs bad?

How many times have we told our kids to go outside and climb a tree, of course the Gellman girls do it, they love staying active and in the play yard .

Romy can't go up as high as Clover yet, she is trying though.

Luca in a downstay in the play yard while other dogs and the kids run around. He has random biting issues and he needs to learn to not go after humans or dog in every situation there is .

Clover loves to fill up the dogs play yards water bucket, Luna is doing well with the training.

We had 2 dogs that came in today and have a nasty habit of digging deep holes in the play yard.Clover and Romy spend some time covering back up.

Of course every dog in the play yard decides to come over and see what is going on.

How chillax is Clover with the dogs. It is incredible what a stable force she has on all of the dogs in the play yard. they all learn proper play with each other and how to be around kids.

Cooper spending some down time just hanging out. He is a young puppy and is learning some incredible life changing techniques for a succesful life.

Wiggles came in today for some training, Wiggles is a 17 week old puppy and is in for quite a week. A whole other world is about to begin.

Wiggles will be spending a good amount of time with a social aspect to the training because of the young age, we want to make sure that Wiggles becomes a great greeter and player.

Wiggles spends some time with Fabian and Kaiser who are also young puppies .

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