Elin is single, where does the line start?

I know it has been 4 days since my last blog posting and it has been so worth it....great news..I signed the contracts today for my next Dog Training Seminar it is going to be at the wonderful Providence Westin Hotel and you can get tickets today by going to the link below.

Register for What Would Jeff Do? November 14th 2010 in Providence, RI  on Eventbrite

Things have been extremely busy at the kennel, lots of new dogs coming in. I had a wonderful dog surrendered to me and is looking for a new home.


Barker is 8 yrs old and has Lupis and needs special care. There are a couple of behavioral issues that we are working with and will be doing a minimum of 2 weeks of training before getting adopted. this dog is GREAT w/Dogs and Cats

Barker is the only one in command, but with my pack training all dogs help each other out with the training.

Luca in the PLACE command while Romy and I get some reading done.

Roca plays with Wiggles who is a 17 week old little shitzu puppy

Cooper who is only 6 months old and can do a rock solid downstay even with Clover and Romy swinging back and forth over him.

Wiggles is hanging out on the grooming table to practice when he goes back to his owner, Wiggles will need a real bit of grooming

Bandit decides to mess up a great training session. Not only does Bandit dig up the play yard and has to make it difficult for Barker to stay in a sit/stay

Cooper doing a great down/stay, nice and calm and relaxed

Clover and Romy looking for the local drum circle