8 year old mauled by Akita

One of my clients has just gotten a beautiful new dog, Philly is a 12 week old Akita and is doing great with the training. Today we worked on Downstays and socializing Philly with 2 of my dogs.

I had the owners 8 year old son teach Philly on the downstay today, it is so important that kids start working with dogs at a young age in order to make sure that the family dog recognizes everyone in the family as the pack leader.

Step one, Say the Down Command and put your foot on the leash and  give the Down Command

Step 2 : once your foot is on the floor, hoist up  on the leash using your foot as a lever which will then have the desired effect of your dogs head going down to the floor

Once the dog is in the down position you will remove your foot from the leash, you do not say STAY, it is built into the command Down means down/stay

there you have one of my 8 year old clients teaching a 12 week old puppy how to do a down/stay in about 15 seconds...this is my training, plain and simple, yes it is that simple

Philly hangs out with Max and Uma to get used to older dogs...it was a very successful day.

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