Hurricane is coming?

We are stocking up the house and getting out our generators just in case. All of the dogs will be safe and sound no worries.

Clover helps Heidi load mulch into the wheelbarrow to freshen up the yard. Clover learns that running a kennel is not just working with dogs, Clover helps out with all aspects of the property which also means taking care of the property.

Buddy in Place while Rossy bounces a basketball over and over again. Buddy did a great job staying in Place with this high level distraction.

Tacoma just came in for a 2 week Board and Train from NYC, one of the goals after his stay will be running off leash in Central Park as well in Park Slope in Brooklyn. A whole new life for him and his owners.

Dallas a 14 week old GSD puppy came over to learn how to swim...ummmmm  this is one way to get into the pool i guess.

It works for him though since he was able to regroup and have a great time of the nice benefits I offer my clients is swim time on my property.

Womans work is never done, as Linda picks up after her own dogs

I think this is Cooper, we have 3 goldens on the property and they are all under 1 year old.

Jacoby who just came in to us as a surrendered dog is up for adoption, he is doing well with his commands and gets along GREAT with all dogs and humans.