Hurricane, Shmuricane

Looks like we are not going to be effected by the hurricane in Pvd, which is great since we have a full kennel and lots of folks need dogs trained.

Since I don't drink alcohol, my idea of having something "on the rocks" after work is the picture above.

Remy, Uma and Jacoby waiting for something to be thrown into the pool.

Rossy supervising dogs swimming, yes this is my board and train facility. 96 degrees out and the dogs spend a good amount of time in the pool swimming and cooling off.

Luna and Lilly working on PLACE command inside the house, it is so important that dogs learn how to be calm in the chaos of the world we live in.

Why swim with dolphins when you can swim with dogs instead.

One of my clients is a nanny and her new job will be with a family with a very young baby, she has the opportunity to bring her dog to work every day so we need to kidproof the dog, of course at Solid K9 Training we can do anything with any dog

Jake and Jacoby looking intense at the water.

3 days in a row above 90 degrees. what does a long haired Akita do? pokes his head out of an air conditioned kennel every so often to make sure he is not missing any of the action. All of my personal dogs have access to a 150 sq ft A/C room that is available to them 24/7