Craigslist, no more sex ads!

Great maybe folks can spend more time on dog traiining.

This is Barker who is working the Down/stay like there is not a care in the world.

Barker, Kappa and Buddy all doing down/stays...all of the dogs need to learn basic commands in order to move on to advanced work.

Tacoma in the PLACE command in my office while I get some work done.

Lilly and Tacoma do a downstay and Caly (who is one of Big Mamma's puppies that Andrea adopted) is in a sit/stay

For a 100lb Akita that mauled his last owners, he is soooooo gentle with my kids and loves being silly with them.

This week the girls made A shaped bread, cooking is a big part of the homeschooling program that Linda does with the kids.

Jacoby is doing great with his training, he is up for adoption and doing great, he is such a loving dog that just loves being around people.

Caly who is 5 months old is one of Big Mammas puppies and came back to visit with Andrea who adopted her. This is one of the dog couches that is outside and the dogs hang out and sleep on it.

Romy and Clover act as distractions with Lilly and Luna who are working hard on their downstays.

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