I abuse Dogs

I leave for Denver CO at 5am Thursday to go to an event titled BlogPaws, it is a conference for dog related bloggers, I am going to meet the 30 or so large scale sponsors to network and get advertisers for my successful radio show. I am also looking to become a lot of the bloggers dog trainer source since I am a successful dog trainer. I am excited to meet bloggers who are in need of a successful dog trainer that can help them make their blog even better.

It seems that the "positive reinforcement" contingency is always out in force at these events and we continue to kill more dogs in the US even with the 1000's of "positive reinforcement" dog trainers in the country, with all of the science, the studies, the training schools, for some reason sitting for a cookie is just not keeping dogs out of our animal shelters.

I am tired of the thousands of dog trainers telling the public that prong collars, e-collars and bark collars are mean, bad and dangerous. I am tired of the thousands of dog trainers telling the public that if you don't give your dog a treat you are being mean to the dog.

I am tired of the useless killing of dogs in shelters because of all of the "positive trainers" have failed them. they are killing our dogs. Today I will start educating, demonstrating, financing my NO KILL NATION tour. first stop is Denver.

Below the picture of my daughters abusing a dog is my first of many posts that will start a new stand against fake dog trainers that hide behind food, hugs and kisses. You are killing our dogs everyday.

Clover (age 4 at the time) abusing, hurting and instilling fear into Kendall with the use of a prong collar. As she walks him in a perfect loose heel. Kendall is a dog I rescued, he used to bite people...

My name is Jeff Gellman. I own Solid K9 Training I am a real world dog trainer and I abuse dogs. Please report me to the ASPCA.

That got your attention, didn’t it?

How about this: I can and will train any dog, regardless of size, age, breed or background. No matter what the behavior of the dog is I can train and rehab the dog.

I am a real world at home dog trainer, meaning I train dogs at your home, business, the woods, the beach anywhere you want to exist harmoniously with your dog.

Yes, all of the experts and books tell you to be wary of someone who makes this claim. Well, I can. Why? Because I am a real dog trainer, some of my methods include the use of prong collars, E-collars and bark collars, and who believes in correcting a dog’s behavior rather than rewarding him with a treat. Because of this, I have been called many things – cruel, mean and abusive, just to name a few.

What’s cruel to me is that each year shelters kill 5.6 million unwanted or “unadoptable” dogs because a so-called expert has deemed them dangerous. These dogs are being destroyed over basic obedience problems that could be fixed by a real dog trainer.

As yourself this question: Would that number be so high if clickers, treats, chest harnesses and head halters were effective dog training methods? The answer is no.

Having fancy letters after your name, taking an online course or even going to a university for animal behavior does not mean you know how to train a dog. I am self-trained and self-learned, and most importantly, effective. It is my mission to correct the misinformation spread by the so-called experts who do not understand animal behavior nor the needs of dog owners. Most professional dog trainers have never trained a dog out of a classroom.

There are dog trainers who ask owners to leave a class if they have an “out of control” dog. I love having out of control dogs around me; I can use them to my advantage in teaching other dogs how to behave around distractions.

Getting a dog to run through a tunnel or climb up a ramp is not dog training. Getting a dog to sit for a cookie or look at his owner’s face is not dog training. These things only give dog owners a false sense that they have a well-trained dog, and that is dangerous for owners and dogs alike.

So be wary of dog trainers that say that prong collars, E-collars and bark collars are bad. Be wary of dog trainers who call them cruel, abusive and mean. These dog trainers are responsible for keeping the kill rate in shelters so high.

Training dogs is more than just my business; it is my life’s work. There’s a reason people from all over the world bring their dogs to me. You want a positive trainer? I can positively train any dog.

Jeff Gellman is a nationally known Real World dog trainer and radio host. He has his own live call syndicated radio show heard around the world. Jeff travels the country training dogs and has dogs from around the world sent to his private training kennel in Providence, RI.