Whale at San Diego Zoo dies

It has been 4 days since my last post, it has been incredibly busy since I am heading out to Denver for a convention called BlogPaws, is a convention for dog related bloggers, and I am going to attend a bunch of social media seminars as well as meet with large dog sponsors who are interested in my radio show.

Jacoby loves the water is is doing well...he is up for adoption

Tacoma and Buddy enjoy a nice swim together...

Yes we also have Chihuahua's on the property and yes they all run with the big dogs...a dog is a dog is a dog

Barker working on his downstay commands, he is doing well..making great friends...let keep in mind that Barker is up for adoption. is 8 yrs old and LOVES CATS

The power of off leash training, as Max, Tacoma, Luna and Uma do a great downstay while a couple and there dog go by

The dogs are learning what true teamwork is all about

Take a look at Kappa, he is a awesome imported protection dog that is in for a 2 week training to polish up some of his skills

Tacoma did you just fart?

Clover and Romy doing some canine mediation...yep...they can communicate with dogs in a way they understand..and no they don't use food to do it.