Off Leash Recall Training

Last night we did some great off leash beach training with a couple of my clients, Romy and Clover came along to help with the training.
We go to Goddard Park since it has a combination of beaches and paths through the woods to train on. All dogs that I work off leash have on remote training collars, this way we don't miss a training opportunity.

Romy and Clover always have a great time at the beach with the dogs, my client has her 2 dogs Zeus and Zoey doing off leash work, this is Zoey's (the tan pit) first time off leash and he did great.

Clover and Romy help carry dog leashes and supplies while we train, it is important that they help with all aspects of training.

Romy and the dogs play on an abandoned dock, Romy wanted to know if there was any "cow-yo-tees" in the woods, and I assured her that the dogs would scare them away...

We worked well into the night with off leash recall and beach work. WE unleashed the true spirit in all of the dogs that we worked with.