Jacoby gets adopted

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Jacoby was adopted out this past weekend, he went to a great family that has a young child. He came to us an out of control dog with a bite record and he left us a well trained dog that understands all of his commands consisting of proper loose leash heeling, sit/say, down/stay, Place command, off leash recall, crate trained, housebroken. He is great with all humans, young and old and gets along with all dogs.

We did not know if Jacoby got along with cats, so I brought him to a clients house who owns cats and put him in a downstay and waited to see what happens. He loves cats and greeted this one without breaking command

This is Molly and she learns to properly walk Jacoby in a incredible loose leash heel. Jacoby has no problem listening since Clover and Romy helped with the training.

Jacoby had a great time running around his new yard. We found him the perfect home and everyone at the kennel is so excited to see him go to a new home.