Trade Show Fever

Register for What Would Jeff Do? November 14th 2010 in Providence, RI  on Eventbrite

Click on the above link to register for my upcoming seminar on November 14th 2010. The most exciting dog training seminar ever.

I have 3 incredible trade shows coming up that I am excited to participate in.

the first one is one of the biggest Business Trade shows in the US

On Wednesday October 20th in NYC

On Saturday and Sunday October 23rd and 24th in Hartford, CT

On Saturday and Sunday November 6th -7th

Barker is up for adoption, he is doing well with his training. Has a lot of great energy, gets along with other dogs and loves cats. He came from a home with 4 cats and does not need a ton of exercise. He is pretty low maintenance but does need structure as every dog does.

Pumpkin who has been at the kennel for a longer than Bowie is in charge of covering his back.