New Website is live

If you want tickets to my next exciting seminar that is coming up November 14th 2010 you can click on SEMINAR

Today October 19th 2010 my new website went live. All went well and I love the new look and feel of it. It will bring together all of my businesses into one site, so you will be able to access my facebook fan page, my youtube channel, my blog, my radio show both current and archived all in one place.

The month of October Podcasts did not get transferred and I am in the process of rebuilding them so by Thursday the 21st I will have those up.

I am heading to NYC while I write this on the way to the NY Business XPO, a huge business expo at the Jacob Javitz center.

Maggie came into the kennel yesterday for a 2 week board and train and fit right into the pack and the training program. We are quite excited to be working with her. She has some bad behavior around people that needs to be addressed and enjoys the training and exercise that she is getting .

Bowie has a great time in the play yard in one of the dirt holes. When dogs are not doing obedience training they spend time out in the play yard running around or just hanging out. This is great training for dogs to learn how to play and interact with other dogs. One of Bowies issues was he needed to learn how to greet dogs properly and he has been doing a great job.

The proper socialization of the dogs is just as important as the obedience work that we do with the dogs.

I find it funny how misinformed most people, especially other trainers are about the use of pinch/prong collars. They will tell you they are mean and punishment. How about this change of though. Pinch collars make dogs obedient, relaxed, happy and silly. We are training Bowie with one and he looks like all of those.

Pumpkin working on recall

Pumpkin working on off leash recall training, and if you look in the background you will see the letter F in chalk on the ground. That means Linda is working on that letter this week with the kids.