No more pumpkin

I brought home Pumpkin yesterday after a 2 week board and train, she came to us an untrained very with a HUGE barking at everything that moves issue. She went back to her owner trained and having much less stress in her life, she learned her basic commands and did a lot of public access training ie: how to behave in public places.

I received the below posting on my facebook page this morning from her owner:

Thanks, Jeff, for the two weeks of Board and Train. I am so happy to have Pumpkin home and will report that her first walk in her new home in Boston was a great success. We went to Starbucks and I stayed outside with Pumpkin in the down/stay while many dogs and people came by and she didn't move! Not even a bark! Amazing. You are great.

This is a dog that 2 weeks ago her owner was not comfortable taking her out in public in situations like this since Pumpkin would go NUTS jumping around, barking and lunging.

We trained downstays and Place dozens and dozens of times a day. We train the dogs hard so when we need them to do the command it is second nature with them.

Rocco comes to us for a full day every other week or so to help him learn his dog/dog social skills, when you have a dog like Rocco who has issues with other dogs, the training has to be done OFF LEASH, never let dogs great each other on a leash. I see it happen all the time in other training classes and the person just does not understand canine behavior or they would not be doing it that way.