Hartford was Awesome

Today was a great day at the Hartford Pet Expo, I had a great time giving demos and helping answer tons of dog training questions. I have to say though that I did not see one dog that was being properly walked around. Every dog was dragging its owner around, not one dog was walking on a leash properly and there were hundreds of dogs. I would talk to many of them and all of them had tried or been in a dog training program, all click and train or food based. Obviously it was not working.

Notice Clovers handling of the leash, her relaxed body posture. Uma is next to her in a proper heel position. If my 5 year old can do it so can you. Why is this not happening? Why are all of these dogs being allowed to walk there owners. Everyone is unhappy with the behavior of their dog, but no one is changing the human behavior.

5 minutes prior to this, the dog I am with was jumping all over everyone and pulling its owner, I put a pinch collar on the dog, stopped the dog from jumping on people in 30 seconds, put the dog in the proper heel position, walked it up and down the aisles for 3 minutes and within 5 minutes the dog was calm and sitting at my side with a loose leash position. It is not the pinch collar that is the answer, it is also a combination of my training techniques and my not giving treats or praise. It is my techniques of communicating with the dog in a way that it understands and that is not bribery, but primal pack leader behavior.

the woman was AMAZED at her new dogs behavior and calmness after just 5 minutes with my training system. If your dog trainer cannot change your life for the better the first time you meet with them then it is time to find a new dog trainer.

Romy and Clover got there faces painted. They rode ponies and petted llamas and goats, they had a great time at the Expo and staying at the hotel.

Uma in a rock solid downstay during this mornings breakfast, the girls had such a great time and worked real hard at the show.

One of the visitors to the show is looking for some Service Dog Training, he has a new adopted black lab that he want to be his service dog...we started to come up with a training plan of action.

Uma doing a rock solid downstay in front of the Llamas