Treadmill video is in

I have a short video of Remy on the treadmill. He enjoys it and he is one of the dogs that fits in perfect. Most of our dogs are too big for the size we have in...we will be getting a smaller one in immediately and we need to wait for the larger size to get made.

For some reason I cannot upload it to the blog, you can go to my facebook page to view it. I will try to figure this one out as far as getting up videos on the new blog platform.

Remy on wheel

Sienna is with us for just a 4 day board and play and has come such a long way with her obedience and her general behavior

Bowie having a great time in the swimming pool. Yes our pool is still open, cleaner and cooler than ever. the dogs still love it though and it builds up so much confidence and social skills .

Maggie is doing great, she works so hard on her obedience work and she is doing awesome.

Bowie letting Jake know who runs the swimming pool today.

Barker who is up for adoption is in heaven when working on his commands

I have heard so much feedback from the Hartford show, from my clients these last couple of weeks (actually the last 6 years) and the 100 or so emails I get a week about my training.

Clicker/Treat training is failing our dogs. It is not working to train our dogs. It is killing our dogs. It is not a holistic way to train a dog, it is not the way that dogs communicate. It hides the unwanted behavior and gives dog owners a false sense of the abilities of the dog. Yes I know about all of the studies, about all of the research, about all of the people doing it in the last 20 years..well, we are killing 6 million animals a year.

Dogs don't live in classrooms or agility rings, they live in our neighborhoods, our parks, beaches, yards, with hundreds of distractions.

We need a revolution to start in order to save the lives of all of these dogs.