Jake gets Adopted!!!

Jake came to us a few months ago as an owner surrender because of human aggression issues. We worked him hard since the day he came into our rehab program. Jake got a tremendous amount of interest since he is a beautiful GSD, but we knew he had to go to a certain place in order to have a forever home. Today he went there, a 73 acre farm with goats and chickens and other dogs. Miles and miles of open space and trails, an incredible family that is very outdoorsy and understand the concept of a working dog.

This is how I left him at his new house, in PLACE. I am never sad when I adopt out a dog. It is not my purpose to have that connection with the dogs I rescue, I am just a rung in the ladder of life for them. I am part of the journey, I give dogs an incredible headstart and I am always there to catch them when they fall. I have no problem letting go, it makes me happy that I will be able to now find another dog that is about to be killed in a shelter and rehab and rehome that dog, for this is my legacy, I am in the business of saving dogs lives.

There are lots of water sources on the land and Jake is loving the property tour

Roca and Jake check out the water, the cold water, but it is water and that is all that matters

The dog facing us is one of the Jakes new brothers

They think this old girl is about 13yrs old, but with all of the new dogs it looked like someone is going to be around for a while

One of the many outbuildings on the property, and the dogs went to check it out

Jake will be hanging with the goats chickens.