New dogs are loving life

The great thing about working with dogs is that we can have such a long lasting positive effect on them. This week is also getting cold out. With the sun shining all day though it is perfect weather for the dogs and my trainers.

Sam goes up the slatted & wobbly ramp off leash and on command. Sam needed to learn to do this in order to get onto the boat his owners owned..

Callie a blue tick coonhound who is only 7 months old came in yesterday for a 2 week board and train.

Downstay can look different with different dogs, these 2 came in yesterday and are having a great time with the training and playing.

We work dogs on all of the commands, Place with distractions is so important for your dog to learn, it can make your life so much easier

Does any one else see a monkey face in this picture. It was just on the beach in Tiverton, no banana peels in site

Tonight at Johnson & Wales University I helped out the Media Relations class by holding a press conference.

Fabianne and Kaiser 2 of our chihuahua's love playing with the big dogs.