Rain and Train

Yes it rains and yes we train, dogs are with us for training and we work in all weather. An idle dog does not learn, so we work the dogs from sun-up to sun-down and starting next week, 2 hours after sun-down LOL. (don't forget to move your clocks back one hour this weekend)

Working on the PLACE command inside the house while the kids run around as distractions

Downstay is so important for dogs to become great at..I use a downstay everywhere. Clover loves to help training dogs..she can handle any of the dogs on the property

Sandy came in today for a nice little 2 week board and train, we have our work cut out for us....Sandy is 1 year old, does not no any of his commands and is not yet housebroken..so we are going to have fun...I mean it..I love helping dogs learn and grow

This weekend I have a booth at The Rhode Island Home Show at the Convention Center

stop by and say hello and get some discount tickets to my upcoming seminar next weekend