Sakonnet Vineyard gets their dog back

Sam, a flat coat retriever came to me 2 weeks ago for a board and train, he had some bad habits and was not off leash trained. The wonderful owners take him to work but he cannot be off leash since he would run after the bunnies and not come back. So we turned him into an incredible office & vineyard dog who can be off leash 100% of the time since he NOW listens 100% of the time, when he is in the office he stays in his PLACE command and when he is outside he always will turn on a dime and come back when he is called.

The level of spirit that has been unleashed in both Sam and his owners is incredible.

If you want to check out where Sam spends his days

Sakonnet Vineyards

The kids love doing swing set training with the dogs. We put dogs in a downstay and then the kids swing over them, again and again. Dogs are not allowed to break command, dogs love to go after moving things (prey drive) and dogs cannot be chasing kids. This teaches dogs to control their actions.

It is getting cold out and we cover up the short-haired dogs to keep them warm since they spend so much time working outside.