Seminar Success

My Seminar this Sunday was a HUGE success, not only did people walk away feeling energized and with smiles on their faces, but the last 48 hours of emails and phone calls have been so wonderful to me that tell me about the lives that I touch in such a great way that makes all of my hard work worth it.

The Providence Journal did a wonderful story on me and the seminar and my NO KILL mission.

What Would Jeff Do? Seminar Article

I briefly talked about e-collar training at the seminar, today I worked with my client who as acreage in Little Compton, this is our 3rd session, she has 2 dogs that come back 100% of the time even with high level distractions. We are working on off leash heeling with her dogs in this photo.

There was plenty of time for Q & A after the seminar and I was more than happy to answer every single one.

Roca is a great dog to use when I need to socialize a puppy as shown in the photo. He is such a gentle dog when needed and loves to play with puppies to show them the way for proper play