Solid commands

The dogs today worked real hard on making their commands very solid. Solid Downstays and Solid Places, lots of off leash recall training with e-collars as well. Jon started painting the basement as well, with the winter months coming we are going to repaint the walls and floors nice bright colors so we can work the dogs inside and outside this winter.

Look whos up for adoptionVito is up for adoption if anyone is interested, he is fully trained, great with dogs/kids and adults. Does have seperation issues though

Riggs has come such a long way, I would feel comfortable with him going to any doggy daycare in the country at this point. He was kicked out of the last one within minutes of him getting there.

I want to thank everyone who has called and emailed me about the wonderful article in the Providence Journal this Monday. Your kind words mean so much to me.

Dogs always have downtime to socialize and rest in the play yard every day

It is so important that we kidproof all of the dogs on our property, Clover and Romy make for great distractons. Riggs is loving the training and falls asleep when put into a downstay, nice and relaxed.